F stands for Love, and February
I Didn't Feel like Writing about Politics
This is kind of about politics, but mostly me losing my cool.
Childcare cost are astronomical, and our current system isn't working. The solution is easier than many are willing to admit.

December 2022

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What could possibly go wrong?

November 2022

We're going on a political journey, I hope you're ready to pick a side.
The Show Notes from this mornings Podcast Episode
Who Tells Your Story:Kyrie Irving, Anti Semitism, and White SupremacyJoin me and guest Leo Ferguson as we discuss the controversy behind Kyrie Irving, white supremacy, and Black Power.

October 2022

Sure, he could be a genius, more than likely, he's just chaotic and irresponsible?
Pornhub should not be where you go to for lessons on a healthy and fulfilling sex life
Sex is normal, it’s also fun, maybe we should stop shaming Women for having it