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Toxic Relationships, and Choosing Peace with Evan Mastronardi

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Toxic Relationships, and Choosing Peace with Evan Mastronardi

Evan shares the lessons he learned from a highschool love affair.

Welcome to the Un-trashed Podcast. This is a space dedicated to having conversations that make you think, laugh, and grow. Over the next few weeks this podcast will be running a series titled, “Things I learned from the people who dumped me.” Each episode will feature a guest sharing a story about someone they fell for, dated, broke up with, and the lessons they learned.

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Our first guest is a good friend, collaborator, and one of the Bronx’s finest residents, Evan Mastronardi. On this episode, Evan shares the lessons learned from his slightly toxic highschool sweetheart, and why societies unhealthy standards for masculinity set boys and men up for failure.

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The goal is to be better men. Men who go to therapy, are in tune with their emotions, stand up for what is right, love their friends, family, and children. Mostly importantly we love ourselves. This podcast will unpack race, love, music, politics, and society—one episode at a time.