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Yea I can see you never actually liked Kanye. Skim over Kim’s BS real fast lol. You should’ve just title this article “I hate Kanye.” #Trashread.

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Darkly true. But does Kanye care that he's abusive or is he indifferent because he's a billionaire.

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Perhaps it’s a generational thing, but I have always found Kanye’s behavior embarrassing. Yes, I was raised by people who epitomized Black Respectability.

KK is a whore, now a billion dollar whore, but a person who sells their body for money none the less, as are her sisters, while their mom is the pimp mommy queen.

I think the world is a pleasanter place when no one pays attention to them.

Let’s talk about the raid on Mar A Lago.

Empty show???

I feel sorry for the kids of K and KK.

Yes they will be rich, but oh so terribly confused.

I found your comment about Black men desiring proximity to Whiteness very, very interesting.

It’s a concept that a psychoanalytic paper could be written on.

I need to interview you.😃

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